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Vendors will be made up of Specialty Foods, Arts/Crafts, Health/Nutrition and Business, etc.. All other categories will be considered on a per-category bases.


Singer Island, Riviera Beach Ocean Walk, South Parking Lot (directly across from Johnny Longboats Restaurant).


Market will be held EVERY Friday, – 10:00am - 2:00pm
March 30, 2018 - Year Round


The Fee to participate will be $40 per week. You are encouraged to pay by the month and save 10% (please check the number of Fridays monthly because they vary).


-Vendors must have a 10’x10’ tent and accompanying weights. The required tent is the straight-legged tent that is describe as having a canopy covering of 100%. If you do not familiar, please ask.

-Vendors will be responsible for policing their area and taking all refuse with them when they leave.

-Vendors will be required to be fully operational by 9:30 (set-up begins at 8am). There is NO breaking down until Market ends at 2pm.

-Vendors will park in the assigned Vendor lot (info will be provided). If a Vendor elects to try and park elsewhere, they will not be permitted to participate in further Markets. No exceptions.


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