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Singer Island Green & Artisan Market

Beeline Flea & Farmers Market

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Singer Island: Ocean Walk, 2401 Ocean Drive, Singer Island, FL 33404

Beeline: Palm Beach International Raceway, 17133 Beeline Hwy., Jupiter, FL 33478


Singer Island: Fridays – 10:00am - 2:00pm Year Round. "Except the last two Fridays in August and first Friday in September (Summer Break)".

Beeline: Sundays - 9:00am - 4:00pm
Beginning October 7, 2018


- Singer Island: Vendor fee this summer is $40 and in ‘season’ will be $50 (beginning in October paid monthly by the 1st in Season). We are looking for full-time Vendors.

- Beeline: Vendor fee will start at $30 through 2018 paid monthly by the 1st. Week-to week or part-time fee is $40 paid at gate or by PayPal.


- Vendors will be required to be set-up 1/2 hour before the start of Market. There is no breakdown before Market ends.

- Both Markets are ‘rain or shine’. No refund unless 1 Main Street Marketing, LLC cancels event in advance.

- Singer Island: Vendors must park in assigned area. If a Vendor is found parking elsewhere they will no longer invited to participate in Market. This will be strictly enforced. No exceptions.

- Beeline: Vendors park at their set-up location in the field and have the option to work out of vehicle and/or set-up tent(s). Tents are recommended as they make for festive display and protect against weather


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